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AP Level A Syllabus
Bridgeport Central H.S.
Instructor : Jack Nilan

Textbook : Java
An Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
3rd Edition
by Walter Savitch

1. Introduction to programming (5 days)
     a. Introduction to hardware and software
     b. Introduction to computer network Program Structure Example
     c. Elements of a Java program KeyBoard Reader Class
     d. Variables, constants and simple data types
Homework (order of operations)
More Home Work Questions
     e. Arithmetic expressions and Math functions
Math.abs(), Math.pow(), Math.sqrt()
Math Library Example Program
     f. Input / output On Line Multiple Choice Test
TEST on arithmetic expressions and I/O

2. Decision Structures (5 days)
     a. if statements
     b. if-else Home Work Questions
     c. if-else-if Homework
TEST on decision structures

3. For Loops (3 days)
     a. for loops
     b. using index as tool
     c. compound statements Home Work Questions
     d. predicting output Homework
TEST on loops

4. While loops (2 days)
     a. while loops 
     b. when to use a conditional loop Home Work Questions
     c. compound statements Homework
     d. predicting output On-Line Multiple Choice Test
TEST on loops

5. Nested Loops (2 days)
     a. nested for loops
     b. using indexes as tools
     c. combinations Home Work Questions
     d. analyzing output Homework
TEST on nested loops

6. The String Class (3 days)
      a. Reading in a string Home Work Questions
      b. substring(n), substring(x,y) Homework
      c. length() Designing our own String Class
      d. compareTo(), equals(), indexOf(s) On Line Multiple Choice Test
TEST on Strings

7. Wrapper Classes(3 days)
     a. Integer and Double
     b. creating an Object Home Work Problem
     c. compareTo(), equals(), intValue(), toString()
     d. Double(), compareTo(), doubleValue(), equals(), toString()

8. The Random Class(4 days)
a. creating a random object
b. nextint(n) Home Work Questions
c. nextDouble(n); Homework
d. Monte Carlo approximations The Dice Game
TEST on Random Object Random Class Syntax

9. Classes(10 days)
a. Writing Classes
b. constructors Home Work Questions
c. accessing class members Homework
d. Integer and Double Wrapper Classes On-Line Multiple Choice Test 1
On-Line Multiple Choice Test 2
TEST on Classes

10. Arrays (10 days)
     a. declaring arrays (arrays as objects)
     b. length (not length()!!!) Home Work Questions
     c. resizing an array (setting it equal to a bigger one) Homework
     d. arrays of a Class (integer) Design Your Own Array Class
Array Class Solution
TEST on arrays On-Line Multiple Choice Test

11. Array List Class (5 days)
a. size()
b. add(x), add(n,x); Home Work Questions
c. get(x); remove(x); Homework
d. set(x,obj) Array List Example
TEST on ArrayList

12. Two Dimensional Arrays Objectives
a. Entering, Printing, Initializing Home Work Questions
b. length, m[r].length Sample Program
c. manipulating, processing
TEST on arithmetic expressions and I/O

13. Recursion (5 days)
     a. defining recursive function
     b. analyzing output Home Work Questions
     c. tail recursion Homework
     d. mergesort/quicksort On-Line Multiple Choice Test
TEST on recursion

14. Sorting and Searching (10 days)
     a. linear search
     b. binary search Sorting Animations
     c. quadratic sorts Home Work Questions
     d. logarithmic sorts Homework
TEST on sorting and searching

15. Marine Biology Case Study (15 days)
     a. analyzing program
     b. classes interacting with classes Download MBCS files
     c. modifying existing methods Home Work Questions
     d. creating new methods Homework
How to Get MBCS running with TextPad
TEST on Marine Biology Case Study

16. Review and AP Test Prep (28 days)
     a. multiple choice
     b. old AP essay questions
     c. take tests at home Home Work Questions
     d. review in class Homework
TEST standardized Test

17. Graphics
a. Plotting Points
b. drawLine(), fillRect(),drawOval() Draw house example, with drawPolygon
c. drawPolygon(a,b,3); Home Work Questions
d. Moving Graphics A Graphic Program Example
e. Design your own colors Mix color examples
TEST Project on Moving Graphics Sun's Graphic Library

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