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Topic 9 - Home Work - Array List (8 days)

  1. Using an array list of strings - add some items then print out the names 1 at a time (no iterator class)
  2. Delete the front item and put it on the back of the list
  3. Print out the name that is alphabetically first in the list
  4. Create a class that contains an arraylist of integers that are inputted from the keyboard. You must put them in the Integer class because the ArrayList only works with objects. You should have member functions to return smallest, return biggest, return average, add an intger and remove an integer.

    Click Here for class definition

  5. Write a class using the Array List data structure that will use a class containing a first name, last name, phone number, an array of grades and a ct field with number of grades for that student.

    Click here for class definitions